KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new plan hopes to give more metro drivers a green light through construction zones.

The Kansas City Council approved a new policy it said will minimize the impact construction projects have on traffic.

The policy will require cones and barricades to be removed from streets and sidewalks after 48-hours, if work is not actively underway. Contractors will not be allowed to place barricades or markers more than 300 feet away from a work site, and if underground work is needed, it must be covered with steel plates that are embedded in the pavement.

City leaders said the new policy will make construction areas safer, more straightforward, and limit impact they have on people living and traveling near the sites.

“We have far too many traffic cones, lane closures, and redirections on our streets, often time with no ongoing construction.  This new rule will dramatically reduce the number of traffic control devices on our streets and make travel easier and safer for all road users,” City Manager Brian Platt said.

Kansas City leaders said they are committed to improving Kansas City streets.

In addition to this policy, the city also added more trucks and drivers to remove snow this winter, and doubled the amount of money spent to resurface and repair streets.