New polar bear at the Kansas City Zoo now in his exhibit for the first time


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new polar bear is now outside for all to see at the Kansas City Zoo.

Nuniq, pronounced like “New-Nick,” arrived a few weeks ago from Madison, Wisconsin. Tranporters brought him here in a refrigerated truck.

He spent his first 30 days in quarantine as zookeepers tested him for any issues. After getting a clean bill of health, he’s now allowed to explore his new home.

Nuniq weighs 1,100 pounds and is still growing!

Keepers have not yet introduced him to Berlin, the other polar bear here. Berlin is 31 years old. Nuniq only turns four on Saturday.

He was paired with another older female polar bear in Wisconsin, so they expect the two will get along. They’ll introduce them slowly to each other over the next few weeks.  



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