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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Employee background checks for Missouri teachers are getting fast tracked after the Missouri State Highway Patrol updated its website for digital information.

Administrators at Ruskin and schools across the Show Me State now can have fingerprints literally at their fingertips.

People can set up an account on the Missouri Highway Patrols “MACHS” system (Missouri automated criminal history search a person). The program allows officers to get results quickly instead of taking a week to 10 days to get info in the mail. The entire process is handled electronically and could take a day or less.

There’s also a “rap back” feature on the system for after a teacher gets hired. The feature alerts the district if an employee commits a crime.

“For example, they get arrested after their background check is complete and it’s a printable offense,” Capt. John Hotz with the Missouri State Highway Patrol said. “Then the school would actually get that information as well.”

A printable offense is one where police take your fingerprints. Once that info is added to the criminal record, a school district will be automatically notified.

The Highway Patrol says many school districts in the state are using the system and it expects everyone to be using it by the end of the school year.