New retail area curfew in Independence hopes to slow down crimes involving teens


INDPENDENCE, Mo. — The city of Independence’s main retail area, which includes Independence Center, is under a new curfew. Minors are not allowed to be out alone past 9 p.m. 

“I have mixed feelings about it. But yeah, I agree with it,” Chance Goad said. 

The city approved the ordinance in response to multiple incidents that have happened in the area. Most recently, Independence Police say about 300 teens were causing problems and getting into fights at the shopping center. 

Officer John Syme hopes this move is part of a long-term solution. 

“This is specifically for kids who are causing trouble. Or they’re in large groups. And the kids who are not there shopping,” Syme said.

The curfew applies to the area around I-70 and 291 Highway, which includes Main Event Entertainment, south of the interstate. 

FOX4 spoke to a manager off camera at Main Event. He said since the new curfew started Friday, he’s seen less unsupervised activity. 

But some patrons don’t think a curfew will have much effect. 

“I mean, they have the right idea. But I just don’t think it might work too well. Because if they really want to fight, they’re going to find a way to fight,” Hannah Goad said. 

Officials say parents will be given citations if their children break the rules. They will make exceptions towards youngsters coming home from school activities or work. 



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