New tick virus causes concern in Missouri

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A new virus spread by ticks is causing some concern in Missouri. The Hearthland Virus first appeared in St. Joseph, Mo. Eight people have been infected, most from Missouri, and one person has died. Research published in July of 2013 identified the virus after two farmers were hospitalized in 2009

“It’s worrisome when we know there’s a new germ out there that can make people sick,” Dr. Ericka Hayes, expert in infectious diseases at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis, said.

Experts and the C.D.C. have been investigating the illness. There is no medicine or cure right now. Doctors can only treat the symptoms, which include fever and feeling tired.

“Really no specific symptoms like headaches, diarrhea, loss of appetite, sounds not unlike having the flu,” Hayes said.

It’s believed the Lone Star Tick carries the new virus. Read more from FOX 2 Now.



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