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PETTIS COUNTY, Mo. — New video has been released of the moments leading up to a Pettis County deputy shooting a Sedalia woman.

The deadly shooting happened during a traffic stop and led to no charges.

In the case file, obtained by the Kansas City Star, video and interviews lay out what happened the night 25-year-old Hannah Fizer was shot and killed. The video shows Fizer’s last moments and how the deputy who shot her handled the situation. 

In Fizer’s death, there is no dash camera or body camera video available. The Pettis County Sheriff’s Office used to have the cameras but said financial issues has prevented them from maintaining the old ones or buying new ones.

Fizer’s longtime family friend Laura Cooper said the new video was hard to watch.

“I can’t believe someone with authority would do something like that to someone,” Cooper said. “I still want to just cry watching her last moments. I can’t believe she had to go through that, and he acted like it was nothing.”

In the file, the deputy told investigators he stopped Fizer for speeding. He said she refused to give him her ID and pulled out her phone to record the incident. 

In interviews the Star obtained, the deputy says, “She pushed my arm away, and I think I grabbed her shirt and pulled her towards the door to try to get her out of the car ‘cuz like I said, she’s under arrest now. She pulls away and grabs her phone.”

That’s when he said she allegedly told him she had a gun, though no weapon was ever found in Fizer’s car, and the deputy shot Fizer five times.

The video then shows Fizer laying in the car more than seven minutes before anyone attempts to do CPR. The deputy who shot her stood by for minutes waiting for others to arrive.

“They just kept walking around the car from one side to the other and nothing was being done at all,” Cooper said. “The only one who would know is God, but I wonder if she’d gotten immediate attention if Hannah would still be here.”

A special prosecutor in Jefferson City decided the deputy was justified in the shooting. FOX4 reached out to the current Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond who said the evidence in the case speaks for itself, and he agrees with the special prosecutor’s decision.

But soon, there will be a new sheriff in Pettis County.

Brad Anders jumped into the 2020 Pettis County Sheriff’s race against Bond through a petition in June. He said this week he hadn’t planned run, but when he heard about what happened to Fizer, he had to. 

Anders won the election by about 350 votes and will be sworn into office Jan. 1.

“There’s a good portion of the citizenry in Pettis County that’s never going to know the truth of exactly what happened,” Anders said. “We didn’t have body cams, we didn’t have dash camera, anything like that to try and help provide evidence of either exoneration or incrimination. And when you don’t have that, it’s hard to have trust in your law enforcement.”

Anders said he plans to implement both body cameras and dash cameras in the department. For the past 11 years, he’s been with the Lee’s Summit Police Department and said they are vital in their work.

Fizer’s friends wish the grainy video wasn’t the last image of her they would see.

“Brad is going to get things done, and he won’t let one of his officers get by with something like this. I’m hoping he can reopen the case,” Cooper said.

But it’s unclear if Anders could reopen the case.