New voting machine on display at Union Station for voters to try out

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The next time you head to the polls, you’ll notice a change — new voting machines.

They’re being unveiled for the first time Tuesday. FOX4’s Kerri Stowell went to Union Station for a demonstration.

The new machines are on display for mock voting until 4 p.m. That way, the next time you go to the polls, you’ll already know how to use them.

The Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners unveiled two new machines Tuesday afternoon.

One is called the Express Vote Touchscreen Machine. The other is the DS200 ballot reader.

The first machine is complete with all the features anyone would need to vote independently, including braille, headphones and audio.

And you’ll have three or four different ways to double check your votes before you cast a ballot.

Once you’re ready to cast your ballot, The first machine will print off your picks on a piece of paper so you can turn it in to the second machine. The paper voting helps make sure there is no room for human error.

On a side note, the old machines were supposed to last about 10 years, and the city had already been using them for 12 years. Commissioners say the update was long overdue.

“I think it’s the ease-of-use. These machines are the best for election day workers, our staff and the voters. And in all those categories, this machine seemed to be the best. It’s what people wanted and it’s what in their evaluations what they requested,” Shawn Kieffer, KC Board Of Election Commissioners, said.

“These machines, they’ll take us into the future. Even if we go into, there’s bits of legislation called rank choice voting, if we going to anything else outside of the box of what we are doing here today, we are still capable. Our machines are expandable,” Lauri Ealom, KC Board Of Election Commissioners, said.

The new voting machines will be on  display until 4 p.m. Head on down to Union Station to check them out.

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