New winter sports guidelines could be on the way for Kansas City school districts


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Monday afternoon, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas met with school district superintendents to decide how to move forward with winter sports and keeping kids safe.

A spokesperson for the mayor said they discussed new guidelines, and school districts and their families will advisement as early as Tuesday.

A ban on winter sports, as of right now, is not being considered in Kansas City, Lucas’s spokesperson said.

Over the weekend, Kansas City Health Director Dr. Rex Archer said athletic training that accompanies competitive sports could make students more susceptible to the virus.

“We actually know that a moderate amount of exercise builds immunity for the body, but overtraining actually hurts immunity,” Archer said.

If they show symptoms, some schools require students to have a negative COVID-19 test before returning to team activities, but Archer believes that young people may not see the full effects of the virus for years.

“We still don’t know what the long-term consequences are going to be and what point is an athlete safe to return to for competitive exercise,” Archer said.

Lucas reiterated Sunday that tighter restrictions may be implemented if numbers continued to rise at such an alarming rate. He’s urging the community to help by reporting violations.

“I would encourage everyone, no matter what jurisdiction, to call your health department or call 311 service or the equivalent wherever you are, but I would encourage somebody make sure you’re reporting those violations,“ Lucas said.

Winter sports in the metro usually starts in early December, but given the pandemic, they could be delayed.



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