OLIVETTE, Mo. – If you didn’t know better, it might seem like this more than 48,000-square-foot warehouse in Olivette is just another big building with a fresh paint job and not the new home of a company moving here from New York.

“I always like fixing things up. I’m a tinkerer. I’m an inventor, so I love that kind of stuff anyway,” said Jamie Siminoff, Latch’s Chief Strategy Officer and incoming CEO. “We found this great space and a great location, so it just kind of worked for us.”

And if you didn’t know better, it might seem like Siminoff is just another entrepreneur, not the creator of the Ring Video Doorbell and incoming CEO of that New York company moving to St. Louis.

Latch Inc. will soon be rebranded to Door.com, which will be headquartered off of North Price Road in Olivette beginning later this year.

“We build locks for apartment buildings and then the software around it to run that better, and give a better resident experience for the people living there,” Siminoff said.

Siminoff said moving the company to a new location will help streamline operations and will allow Door.com to tap into a local workforce he believes in.

“Amazing people here. Diverse workforce. I think between cost of living and that, it’s one of the best places in the U.S. to have a business,” he said.

With 16 new team members already based in St. Louis, the company plans to bring more than 30 total jobs to the city to support future growth and strengthen its team in the area.

“As an inventor, my goal is: can I change the lives of people? Can I make a worker’s life better? Can I make a resident’s life better? I think we are going to be able to do that. How big it gets, we’ll see. But I figure if you make something that’s great for people, you’ll be rewarded with success,” Siminoff said.

Success and St. Louis becoming synonymous? That’s got a nice ring to it.