Editor’s note: The video included below could be graphic to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — The Leavenworth Police Department released new footage of a 2017 deadly police shooting on Friday after the former officer’s trial ended in a hung jury.

The 52-second clip, posted to the city’s YouTube page, partially shows the encounter where former Leavenworth officer Matthew Harrington shot and killed Antonio Garcia Jr.

Harrington was fired in January 2018 for what Leavenworth Police Chief Patrick Kitchens said was a violation of the department’s use of deadly force policy. Later that year, a grand jury indicted Harrington for involuntary manslaughter.

But on Wednesday, the jury was unable to reach a verdict in Harrington’s case, and a mistrial was declared.

A judge ruled Friday morning that body camera footage from the deadly shooting could be publicly released. Kitchens issued a statement, saying he has “concluded it is in the public interest to release the officer involved shooting videos.”

FOX4 has included an edited clip of the footage Leavenworth police released below. See more coverage on FOX4 News at 5 p.m.

Harrington was dispatched to Garcia’s home after an argument between family members. Police said Garcia had left the home before Harrington arrived, but he returned a short time later.

The newly released body camera footage shows Harrington approaching Garcia in his SUV in the home’s driveway and speaking to him through a cracked window. Harrington opens Garcia’s door, but he quickly pulls it closed again. The two exchange brief words and continue to pull on the door.

Prosecutors said Garcia had a knife in his lap, but did not threaten Harrington. In the video, Harrington can be heard shouting “Put that knife away!” as Garcia shuts the car door and the officer draws his firearm.

Garcia revs the SUV’s engine, and Harrington fires multiple shots into the SUV as he backs up before calling “shots fired” into his police radio.

After the mistrial, a new hearing is now scheduled for May 4, in which a judge could set a new trial date.

Garcia’s family settled a wrongful death and civil rights lawsuit against the city of Leavenworth in 2019 for $1 million.