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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — All day Thursday FOX4 has been partnering with Kansas City area TV and radio broadcasters for the One KC initiative.

FOX4 is particularly proud to announce a $10,000 donation from our parent company, Nexstar, to help the cause. This donation represents a “thank you” from all of our local employees at FOX4 and the Nexstar Charitable Foundation for what dozens of local non-profit organizations are doing to help our hometown through the COVID-19 crisis.

“In addition to providing outstanding local news coverage in the communities in which we operate, part of Nexstar’s core mission is to give back to them, helping wherever and whenever we can, especially when the need is so great,” said Perry Sook, Nexstar Media’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Nexstar Media Charitable Foundation. “We’re proud that the Nexstar Media Charitable Foundation can make this contribution to helping those in the Kansas City area who have been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Nexstar Charitable Foundation’s mission is to contribute to and work with public charities and non-profit organizations to improve the communities in which Nexstar Media and its subsidiaries do business. The foundation was originally established in 1958 and it makes donations of approximately $350,000 annually. 

We’ll continue to raise money for the “Kansas City Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund,” through the evening.

Click here to donate to that recovery fund right now

You can also text to make a donation by texting KCRelief2020 to 414-44.