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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — On Tuesday, a group trying to force the Overland Park Arboretum to remove a bronze statue of a partially nude woman, turned in signatures it gathered.

The American Family Association says it has collected 4,700 signatures from people who either disagree with the statue and want it removed or want the decision to go before a grand jury.

The statue was donated by Chinese artists. The piece is called ‘Accept or Reject’. It shows a partially nude woman taking a picture of herself with a camera.

The American Family Association believes the statue encourages “sexting” and believes it violates community standards on obscenity.

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“Beyond inappropriate,” said Phillip Cosby, American Family Association. “When it comes to sexting and children it’s a serious issue,” he said.

“It’s beyond comprehension why a city would put a statute that’s celebrating sexting,” Cosby continued.

After the petition is turned in, Johnson County then has 60 days to convene a grand jury, if all is in order.

“Ultimately the grand jury will be speaking on behalf of the community in making this decision,” said Steve Howe, Johnson County District Attorney.