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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some people aren’t afraid of hard work.

Such is the case for a group of students from the North Kansas City School District, who are learning to build houses from the ground up.

There are big plans for the fruits of their labors, too.

That place you call home had to be built by somebody. The sound of power tools flows through the air, as 30 students representing every high school in the NKC School District work toward their associates degrees.

They hope to use those degrees in building maintenance and construction from Metropolitan Community College to enter into their chosen industry immediately after graduation.

Those students are building a Samsung Smart Home, which uses a mobile app to control electrical features and HVAC systems.

The house will be moved to Battle Hall in two weeks for the Kansas City Home Show, beginning on March 13. The project is a joint effort with the Kansas City Homebuilders Association.

“By the time they leave, they have good carpentry skills. They can read a tape measure,” said Je-Anne’ Rueckert, MCC’s building maintenance coordinator. 

“There’s a good majority of them that could walk out of this lab and go get a job with a local remodeling company or construction company or apartment management company.”

Rueckert said these potential homebuilders are entering a field where many current workers have reached retirement age.

That’s exciting to Jasmine Bailey, who is considered a college sophomore, but has yet to graduate from Oak Park High School. 

“I love how we have the capability of doing everything and learning everything we need to go into the workforce, and it’s stuff we all enjoy, and we’re still in high school,” Bailey said.

And, very soon, they’ll build our future homes.