No Ticket, No Problem for All-Star Tailgaters

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As thousands of fans streamed through the gates of Kauffman Stadum and the MLB All-Star game gets underway, a few hopefuls waited patiently outside for someone willing to sell.

“We thought more people would be selling.  But there’s not too many people selling out here,” said Royals Fan Mark Gromowsky who was looking to buy two tickets outside the gates of the K.

Others were okay with just hanging out in the parking lot.  TV’s, strobe lights, a disco ball, coolers full of beer, even a “throne” fill a party bus parked in the parking lot. The fans inside it had no intention of wandering inside.

“Out here your doing what you want to do.  In there your you gotta do, you know, ” said the owner of the bus, Tony Lupercio, a loyal Chiefs and Royals fan.

Lupercio says it’s the parking lot that provides the perfect atmosphere.

“We’re here to tailgate.  Enjoy the festivities,” he said. “I think it always is fun outside.  Its always fun.”

Kansas City Police were cracking down on scalpers outside the stadium.  Ticket vendors tell FOX 4 there were at least a handful of fans unlucky enough to purchase counterfeit tickets and were turned away at the door.



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