North Carolina 7-year-old puts on prom for his graduating babysitter


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RALEIGH, N.C. – COVID-19 may have ruined prom for the class of 2020, but one North Carolina senior was able to go to prom with the help of a 7-year-old.

And he planned the whole thing himself. 

Sanderson High School senior Rachel Chapman was invited to a backyard prom by 7-year-old Curtis Rogers, a soon-to-be-second grader at Lynn Road Elementary School in Raleigh.

Rachel is his babysitter. 

“Curtis is such a fun kid and we’ve spent some much time together,” Rachel said.

But time has been cut short for the two because of the coronavirus crisis.

Curtis wanted to make sure Rachel knew she deserved to have her special senior moment. So he worked to give Rachel something she missed out on this year – her senior prom.

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Curtis even asked with a traditional prom-proposal.

“It said, ‘mini prom is not today, but will you join me on Monday,’” Curtis said. 

Rachel said yes, and two days later the two met for an evening of fun.

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“I decided that we should just do this now because the coronavirus has people down in the dumps,” Curtis said.

He knew exactly what to do to put a smile on Rachel’s face.

She wore a pink dress she bought for her senior prom. Curtis got a new bow tie to match. He also planned out the dinner menu – all of Rachel’s favorites.

“We had Chick-fil-A, Tropical smoothie and I know we had everything she loves,” he continued.

“It was really sweet, really thoughtful. He even remembered my favorite drink and the condiments I like at Chick-fil-A,” Rachel said.

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After dinner, the two danced the night away.

They also made sure they practiced social distancing using a red pool noodle to keep them 6 feet apart.

It was definitely a night they won’t forget.

“It doesn’t matter what happens to you. It matters what happens to the people you love,” Curtis said.

Wise words from a 7-year-old. 

Rachel is headed off to East Carolina University to study public health in the fall.



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