KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The surveillance cameras at Eleos Coffee Kansas City caught a group of people stealing a generator off their coffee truck Thursday morning.

“Just this morning, these guys came on to our property and stole our generator off the front of our coffee truck. It was secured with a large chain. If you live in Northeast and recognize the truck or people, please let us know. Thanks, Dan,” the Facebook post read.

The video shows a pickup truck back into the area where the truck is located.

Two people wearing hooded sweatshirts exit the passenger side of the vehicle and make their way to the generator, while one person driving the truck stays inside. At that point, the lights on the truck turn off as if the truck was turned off.

One suspect attempts to lift the generator, but it is secured by a chain. They manage to break the chain releasing the lid and generator.

The driver of the vehicle turns the lights back on as the generator is lifted into the pickup truck. The two suspects return to the truck and all three drive away.

Eleos Coffee has been located in Northeast Kansas City for over 10 years and the company’s vision is to help decrease crime, but owner Dan Smith admits the coffee shop is not exempt from it.

“Northeast KCMO has a lot of difficult issues, but that’s why we chose Northeast. Our desire is to try to make a difference in the neighborhood through compassion and the good news of the love of God in Jesus,” Smith said. “We aren’t exempt anymore than anyone else is from crime. We are just really sad that people give themselves to this kind of lifestyle because it is obviously very destructive and hurtful for neighborhoods. But by God’s grace we hope that we will see greater peace come to these neighborhoods.”

Eleos Coffee is located at 3401 Independence Avenue and Smith asks anyone who recognizes the suspects in the video or knows where the generator is, to contact the coffee shop.