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BETHANY, Mo. — Tyreek Hill is the master of the touchdown dance. However, he might consider taking some pointers from one 6-year-old in Northern Missouri.

If you combined Hill’s touchdown dance with a little Showtime, you’d have Casen Mossburg.

“He was showing me his touchdown dance, and I happened to have my phone out taking a picture of my daughter, and I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just video him doing his touchdown dance,’ and he just let ‘er rip!” mom Gina Mossburg said.

She said when the 6-year-old sees a touchdown, his feet get funky.

“He is a free mover,” Mossburg said. “He’s kind of everywhere, and he never dances the exact same. I think his touchdown dance today would be the other day. He’s just kind of a free mover and shaker, and sometimes he throws in some booty pops and everything else.”

“He definitely didn’t get his dancing from me,” she added. “I’m not a dancer.”

Casen loves the Chiefs. According to him, he’s been rooting for the team longer than some veteran fans. If you can believe it — 50 years! The 6-year-old’s mom said that might be a stretch,

If you check out his hair, you could probably tell who his favorite player is: Patrick Mahomes.

“I like him because he’s a quarterback, and I want to be a quarterback,” Casen said.

He likes to think they’ve got some things in common.

“I feel like Patrick Mahomes is a pretty genuine guy just from the interviews I’ve seen,” his mom said. “They kind of seem both on the shyer side and more calm, I feel like.”

He said he’ll take that with a side of ketchup.

“He’s developed a love for ketchup lately, actually,” Mossburg said. “He usually doesn’t like ketchup, and lately he wants it on everything.”

Casen said he knows the past few weeks the Chiefs have had some trouble, but he said this is their week.

“I think Patrick Mahomes is going to make a touchdown,” Casen said.

He plans to hype the team all the way to the Super Bowl.