Northland dad charged for making threat against local school where his son attended

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GLADSTONE, Mo. — A Northland dad is now facing charges for allegedly threatening a local school that his son attended.

Brandon Naghshineh has been charged with first-degree making a terroristic threat in Clay County after making threats toward Oakhill Day School on Nov. 13.

Court documents say just after midnight on that day an employee at North Kansas City Hospital called police about a possible active shooter threat against Oakhill, located in Gladstone.

The employee said they had done a behavioral health assessment on Naghshineh on Nov. 12 after Kansas City police brought him to the hospital. His parents called police, court documents say.

Naghshineh’s parents said their 35-year-old son had allegedly been parking his car several blocks from Oakhill and walking inside with a backpack. Court records say his parents couldn’t figure out what was in the bag.

When they asked about his trips to the school, his parents told police he became defensive and asked them not to ask any questions, according to court documents.

Naghshineh’s mother told police that he had told her several times that the school’s security was too lax. He allegedly told her on Nov. 12 to keep his son home from school the next day because “a storm is coming,” court records say.

The metro mother said he has allegedly made multiple life-threatening statements to her and her family.

When Kansas City police responded to his home, an officer allegedly found “several disturbing images and writings on the his home’s walls about active shooter events in schools.” In particular, court records say there were several references to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary and other well-known incidents.

Police also talked to Oakhill’s principal, who said each parent is provided with a code, giving them access to the entire school.

Naghshineh last used his code on Oct. 31, the principal said, but court records say on Nov. 12, five different school employees allegedly saw him walking around the school’s fence and looking in windows.

Then when school was dismissed, Naghshineh spoke with his son who later left with his grandmother and Naghshineh allegedly entered the building without using his code.

Court records say the 35-year-old can be seen on surveillance video, walking through the halls, going into restrooms and private offices.

A psychiatric doctor at North Kansas City Hospital told investigators that, after speaking with Naghshineh, he believes he should be diagnosed as bipolar and with antisocial disorder, court documents say.

The doctor said Naghshineh allegedly has delusions about his ex-girlfriend, and when he asked what his intentions were at the school, the Northland dad said he had “business” there, according to court documents.

Prosecutors have requested a $50,000 bond.

Oakhill released the following statement in regard to the incident:

“We were notified on Nov. 13 by the Gladstone Police Department that there was a threat made on the school. We have taken all of the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our students. The police assured school administrators that students and staff would be safe, so classes are continuing as usual.

“Oakhill Day School continues to follow the policies and procedures in place to keep school safe. The school doors will remain locked during business hours, there are cameras at all entrances, and school staff continues to evaluate and improve safety at Oakhill.

“The school and police department have a strong partnership that ensures safety because it is a high priority and the most critical responsibility. We have counseling resources available for families who feel they need it.”

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