KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Northland families are warning others after they say their Sunday evening was interrupted by solicitors.

They told FOX4 several workers were going door-to-door with an energy pitch, even visiting houses with “No Soliciting” signs. Families say some asked for their utility bill, which could contain personal information.

FOX4 blurred the faces of the workers in doorbell camera videos since they’re not suspects in a crime.

“I was working on a replacement right here of this battery,” David Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez had his hands full on his ATV when one worker visited.

Since he has a “No Soliciting” sign in plain sight, Gutierrez quickly lost his patience for their pitch.

“Especially when I pointed to, ‘Hey, we just don’t do soliciting,’ and him kind of backpedaling about, ‘Well this isn’t really soliciting.’ I’m thinking well then what is it,” Gutierrez said.

Nearby, Dianne Dickenson had to tell a visitor she wasn’t interested, too.

“Why is someone going to come to my door and ask if I want to change service? Yeah, I thought it was odd,” Dickenson said.

Odd, and a possible violation of a Kansas City, Missouri, ordinance that states: “No person shall solicit anything or any action from any person at property designated by a sign, conspicuously posted at the front door of the property, indicating ‘No Solicitation,’ ‘No Solicitors’ or other similar language expressing the unwillingness of occupants of the property to accept solicitors.”

Without a sign, it’s considered trespassing once the homeowner asks the person to leave.

According to some families, their visitors told them the city allowed this. But the city told FOX4, “[It] does not regulate or have a permit process for door-to-door solicitations.”

“It’s like they’re still going to show up and give another reason,” Gutierrez said. “So what do you do?”

You can, of course, call the police. The Kansas City Police Department hadn’t heard of this happening but encouraged FOX4 to report this so people are aware.

“Definitely keep your ears and eyes open about stuff like that,” Gutierrez said.

The workers may have been representing a solar energy company. FOX4 has reached out to that company for its side of things and is waiting to hear back.