KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Northland homeowner said she feared for her son’s life.

That family, which lives in the Fairfield subdivision off Northeast Cookingham Drive, shared doorbell video with FOX4 that shows a speeding car drive across their lawn on Tuesday.

Melisa Freeman, the homeowner, said she believes that car was trying to hit two teenagers.

Freeman said her son called out to the driver of that car to slow down because he was driving too fast on their cul-de-sac. That’s when the car turned around, jumped the curb outside their house, and streaked right across the front yard.

The driver of the car narrowly missed one of the two kids. Freeman and other neighbors said children often play outside those homes.

“I’m hopeful they can figure out who the driver was. They should be ticketed or fined. I don’t know what punishment they should get, but something should happen,” Freeman told FOX4 on Thursday.

The car appears to be a black BMW sedan with tinted windows. The car has a temporary license tag. Karla Nichols, who lives down the street, heard the car’s roaring engine and squealing brakes from her backyard.

“You never thought about a car chasing your kid and going into your yard,” Nichols said. “ something worse could have happened. People are crazy. You just don’t know with those types of people.”

A Kansas City Police Department spokesperson said an aggravated assault report has been filed concerning this incident.

Freeman said she’s reached out to school resources officers in the Northland, as well as police. If you know who might have driven that car on Tuesday, please contact Kansas City Police Shoal Creek Division.