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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Residents in a northland neighborhood are shocked that their ordinarily quiet, peaceful street is now the scene of a death investigation.

Police responded to a report of a crash at a home near 94th Terrace and Kentucky Avenue around 4 a.m. Sunday.

When officers arrived, they found a vehicle had crashed into the home, as well as a teenage boy dead in the driveway.

Police aren’t giving a lot of information; only detectives and close family know the details, but we do know that the 17-year-old found deceased in the driveway lived at that home.

We know the victim was supposed to be staying with his friends while his parents were out of town. Instead, police said he was here at this home with a few of his friends.

And he was in his driveway sometime between 3 and 4 in the morning.

According to investigators, an argument happened at some point in the night and they said that fight ended with one of the teens getting behind the wheel of his car and plowing it into the house, killing the 17-year-old who would’ve been a senior at Liberty High School this fall.

Piece by piece, friends and family tried to board up the broken garage door. It will be impossible to board up the emotions that go with it.

All day Sunday, neighbors came out to see why yellow police tape was wrapped around trees of their normally quiet neighborhood. The one word one everyone’s lips: “shock.”

“Shock. I think we were all kind of in shock.”

“I was shocked, I was shocked, I truly was.”

Woodneath is a large neighborhood in the northland full of professionals: doctors, police officers, Cerner employees. They say it is not a place where crime scene tape often appears.

“A very strange situation, a little bit surreal to happen in this neighborhood. It’s awful, it’s a horrible situation. Without knowing all the details, it just sounded like it was complete anomaly. Around here, it just doesn’t happen,” one neighbor added.

But it did, and now everyone is left wondering why.

“And there are a lot of teenagers in this neighborhood too, so I’m sure it will shake them up as well,” said Linda Williams.

Police have taken that driver into custody.

The Clay County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing the case. The investigation is ongoing.