Northland neighbors fed up with dangerous intersection on Barry Road


WEATHERBY LAKE, Mo. — With nine crashes over the last year, and three in just the last month, it’s no secret that there’s an issue with an intersection on N.W. Barry Road in the Northland.

“It’s pretty dangerous,” said Steve Clark, mayor of Weatherby Lake.

Clark met with FOX4 at the intersection of N. Amity Avenue and N.W. Barry Road. It’s technically just over the border from Weatherby Lake, within the jurisdiction of Kansas City.

Clark said it’s often treacherous for the three lanes of traffic stopped on Amity Avenue entering Barry Road.

“An SUV will come up on the left of them to turn left,” Clark said. “And then another SUV comes around on this side to turn right. And the person that’s most at risk, in the middle lane, can’t get across the street because of a sight problem.”

Clark realizes the city is in the midst of a budget crunch, but he believes there are cost-effective solutions.

“What we’d really like to see is a roundabout here,” Clark said.

Longtime resident Dave Mueller said it’s having an impact on the quality of life for residents of Weatherby Lake.

“A lot of mothers will not permit their teenage drivers to drive on Barry Road,” Mueller said.

The concerned citizens are optimistic something will be done and have scheduled a meeting with northland KC City Councilmembers Dan Fowler and Teresa Loar for next week.



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