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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Northland Parent Association filed a motion in an attempt to block Kansas City, Missouri’s revised mask mandate that lifts the mandate for adults but requires them for students.

“Masking healthy and resilient children implies that the blame for transmitting the virus to vulnerable populations falls heavily on their young shoulders,” said Jay Richardson, President of the Northland Parent Association. “To make matters worse, the Council ‘masked’ its plans for the mandate from parents by holding private meetings with school officials and quietly advancing it through the Transportation Committee yesterday, and bringing it to the full council for a vote today.” 

On Thursday, the City Council approved a new ordinance with a focus on masking in schools, but no longer requiring face coverings for businesses, restaurants, bars, etc.

The parent association says the mandate violates constitutional rights and is not based on evidence. It also claims it lacks the ability to apply for individual religious exemption.

“The Northland Parent Association will continue to defend the bodily autonomy of our children, our parental rights, and we will never cede our health care freedom to government officials colluding with school superintendents,” Northland Parent Association Vice President Natalie Scholl said.

Masks will be required to be worn by people in school buildings and on school buses until Dec. 2. Mayor Quinton Lucas said at that time they will reopen discussions on the ordinance.