Northland real estate agents receiving menacing messages feel targeted, terrified

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A group of Northland real estate agents says a man is targeting them through texts and social media.

Officers haven’t arrested the man and he isn’t facing any charges, but police confirmed sex crimes detectives are working this case. Right now, they’re collecting the same evidence a group of female realtors say they’ve been putting together for weeks.

Brooke Nelson gets a lot of email as a ReeceNichols realtor in the Northland. But the emails and subsequent text messages she got from a stranger quickly turned into something much darker than showing a home.

“You need to meet me at the park and if not, I’m going to kill your family,” Nelson recited from memory.

Nelson and about a half-dozen other female realtors said they’ve gotten similar texts all from the same man.

“I ended going to the police station and filling out a report right away,” Nelson said.

Some of those social media messages and texts included threats against family members, a picture of a man’s private area, and then a threat against a little girl.

“My friend got a message about her 9-year-old daughter,” Nelson said.

The women have filed reports with Kansas City police and they say the Platte County Cyber Crimes Task Force is also on the case.

Casey Bryan has been on overdrive trying to warn people about the man she says is targeting her girls. She’s “disgusted, angry, protective. I’m making sure his name and information is out there so other women don’t fall victim to him,” Bryan said.

The broker has reached out to other real estate offices and said together, they’re all watching for him.

“When you look at the escalation of how things have happened from February to now, it’s become severely more violent and sexual in nature,” Bryan said.

The women have a hearing scheduled Monday in front of a Clay County judge in an effort to get protective orders against the man.



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