KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Northland skate center is taking steps to protect teenagers after a large fight on New Year’s Eve.

“I was thinking like it’s New Year’s Eve. We don’t have any plans,” Blue Springs mom Karla Woods said. “Let’s just bring in the New Year at the skating rink.”

But instead, Woods said she spent the night protecting her kids.

“It was just traumatizing, and I honestly never thought that I would be in a position like that,” Woods said.

Winnwood Skate Center announced a policy change, effective Jan. 1. It impacts anyone under the age of 18. The skate center now requires all teenagers to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is over the age of 21.

The skate center said anyone under 18 who shows up without a chaperone will not be allowed inside.

While we understand that this will inconvenience many of our customers, we can assure our patrons that Winnwood Skate Center will provide an outstanding skating experience and the fun will continue for the entire family as we move forward with updates to the facility.

Winnwood Skate Center

Clay County sheriff’s deputies and Kansas City police responded to the skate center, at 4426 NE Winn Road, around 10 p.m. Saturday night following a report of a shooting.

“As soon as I got my skates off, I saw all of the kids running our way, and I heard somebody say they’re shooting, so immediately told my kids get on the ground,” Woods said.

Luke Powell, co-owner of the skating rink, said no shots were fired.

Powell said the uproar started after a fight between a girl and a boy.

“A boy got slapped in the face by a teenage girl,” Powell said. “Rather than retaliating against her, he punched one of our pinball games, broke the glass and everybody thought it was something else and started running for the doors.”

Powell said the skating rink closed for the night after that — but much more happened outside.

Deputies said they found a fight involving a number of teenagers spilling out of the stake center and into a nearby parking lot.

Deputies said they saw a teenager involved in the fight reach for his waistband. An officer used a stun gun on the 14-year-old and took him into custody.

Officers said they found a loaded handgun in the teenager’s waistband. They also learned he was accused of using the weapon to rob another teenager and steal his shoes.

“We watched and KCPD watched all of our footage and did not see this kid walk in the building at all ever, so it is under the assumption of KCPD that he came from elsewhere,” Powell said.

Emergency crews checked out the 14-year-old to make sure he wasn’t injured by the stun gun and released him into the custody of a parent.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said no one was seriously injured in the fight.