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Photo courtesy Brad Jones

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dozens of people have seen a white, floating object in Kansas City’s northern sky Thursday night. Some have even seen two.

But no one seems to know what they are. Even Kansas City’s National Weather Service office is stumped.

The agency said they’re above the anvil shield, which is the top of a thunderstorm further to the west that has spread outward.

Many are predicting they’re aliens, but FOX4 meteorologist Joe Lauria initially speculated they could be part of Project Loon with Google.

The Google project aims to bring internet access to rural and remote areas around the country by launching giant balloons into the atmosphere that send an internet signal back to people below.

But that theory was later rejected by a meteorologist who works for Project Loon!

Rob Carver told FOX4 the mysterious orbs in the sky aren’t from Loon at all — they’re from Raven Aerostar. The project also launches balloons into the atmosphere for long duration and navigational stratospheric missions.

Regardless, you can rest easy. It’s most likely not an alien invasion.