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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A city council committee Thursday approved regulations for the new medical marijuana industry that’s starting in Missouri.

Some aren’t happy about the proposed local rules.

The committee approved regulations Thursday morning that would keep medical marijuana dispensaries from opening within 750 feet of churches, schools or child care centers.

Cannabis advocates want the businesses treated like any other retailer or pharmacy.

But council members said they want to be more cautious, comparing marijuana to selling liquor. Mayor-elect Quinton Lucas said the drug “is not like Tylenol.”

Still others said St. Louis has no separations for marijuana shops, and they argue that should be the case in Kansas City.

“The bus system is pretty much the only way I can get around,” said Monrovio Perez, a patient who wants to use medical marijuana. “The further and further we push things, the further out people who actually need this as a medication have to be able to get to it. That’s why we’re asking for zero (setback) for dispensaries.”

Lucas wanted to ease restrictions around churches. He proposed dropping the separation to 300 feet from places of worship. But fellow committee members didn’t support him.

Cannabis dispensaries could only operate between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. under the proposed city rules.