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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — On Friday, Rae’s Café has been deemed an imminent health hazard and ordered to close immediately by the Jackson County Health Department.

The owner of the Café told FOX4 that she was planning to stay open.

And on Saturday afternoon, it was clear how she was going to make that happen.

Rae’s Café had a sign on the door saying that they were now open as a private club. The rule of the dress code? No masks allowed.

Business owner Amanda Wohletz told FOX4 that she doesn’t feel her employees did anything wrong. She said they have medical reasons to not wear masks, making them exempt from the county’s policy.

So she’s keeping her kitchen open for now.

“As long as I can, as long as they let me,” Wohletz said. “They told me they were not going to renew my business permit or my health permits to close me indefinitely… which is completely illegal.”

According to the mask mandate, private clubs don’t apply.

As a new private club, members will have to pay one dollar each time to get in. The sign open the door also warns members they assume any and all risks of disease transmission.

While the business is getting lots of support, some said wearing a mask is a better alternative than risking another total shutdown.

“If I was in a restaurant and I was eating the food, I would kind of want the people in the restaurant wearing a mask while being served,” Michael Herrick said.

Now that Rae’s Café is members only, many people are wanting to know how to become members.

“I’m going to have to get their number and join it. I will support anybody that will standup to a bunch of bolognas,” Walter Kirk said.