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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A family on a tour of GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium said they saved a kitten that had become entangled in a field goal net.

Miranda Comins organized the family reunion of sorts Sunday.

“Our tour was almost finished,” Comins said. “We went up to the penthouse suites, we were kind of looking over the whole stadium, as a whole it was very cool, and all of the sudden my dad noticed two little kittens playing down on the field.”

Comins said one kitten ran off, but the group watched as the other one became trapped in the net behind the goal post.

The family raced down with their tour guide and found the situation was even worse than they thought.

“Her head was caught in the net, it was wrapped around like three times,” said Comins’ brother, Dustin Weeks. “I was holding her; my dad and my sister were trying to get the head free. She kind of passed out for a couple minutes.”

“Our hearts sunk, we thought for sure we were too late, weren’t going to be able to get the cat out of the net,” Comins said.

“She stopped breathing for a minute, [I] couldn’t feel her heart anymore, her arms were going limp,” Weeks said.

Weeks is a former Army medic. He started performing a gentler version of CPR.

“Apparently, human CPR works on a cat, so I gave her a couple good chest pumps, and then life came back into her,” Weeks said.

A day later, she’s doing great.

“She’s friendly, I think she’s just happy.”

Weeks has a new pet, so she needed a name.

“Alex Smith’s journey has always been very inspirational to my brother,” Comins said.

In addition to his on-the-field accolades, Smith became an inspiration after working his way back to the NFL following a gruesome leg injury and unthinkable medical setbacks.

Weeks suffered a similar injury a couple years ago.

“I got hit by a car, and so I got a metal rod,” Weeks said. “And Smith didn’t give up, and neither did she, and so she’s Alex. Not the souvenir we expected, but I’ll take it.”