NW Missouri flood victims find help, supplies at community meeting

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ROCK PORT, Mo. — Thousands of Midwest families continue to struggle with the affects of recent flooding. On Thursday, volunteers helped the hundreds of men and women displaced in Atchison and Holt counties.

Emergency Management Director Rhonda Wiley said they wanted to provide short-term help to families still affected by the high waters.

“I did know that the need was there. I did not know how many people would be able to come,” Wiley said.

Families picked up cleaning kits, got a tetanus vaccines, met with members of the Salvation Army, received career counseling and more Thursday.

Wiley couldn’t believe the turnout.

“I think it is bigger than any of us could have anticipated. We knew there was some need here, and it was crucial that we got people together,” she said.

Darlene Lambert moved to Craig, Missouri, six years ago and said this was the worst flooding she has seen. Since evacuating, she has tried to check on her home several times but these pictures from the road show the closest she could get.

“My house was like, it was bad. I could not even see the top of my car,” Lambert said.

She said now she waits with her family to learn when she can move home.

“I have hope. I have faith. I believe — I mean, how much worse can it get?” Lambert said.

If you missed the Disaster Recovery Fair, the next one is scheduled for April 4 in Mound City. For more information, visit Atchison County Emergency Management’s Facebook page.



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