Odessa woman says her instincts told her to call police when two men were waiting in her driveway

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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ODESSA, Mo. -- An Odessa woman called 911 after two strange men show up at her home asking for gasoline, which led to police fatally shooting one of the suspects.

“I left here, went into town, came back, I was gone maybe 15 minutes, and when I came back, I found two men sitting in my driveway,” Julie Anderson said.

Anderson said she had a feeling that something wasn't right as soon as she pulled up to her home yesterday morning.

“I knew, don't get within arm's reach of either one of those men. You know there's two, there's only one of you. You don't know what they have. Don't open the garage door; don't open the house door; don't let them in the house,” Anderson added.

Instead, Anderson said she stayed in her car and spoke to the men from her window.

“I did approach them, I didn't get out of my vehicle, but I approached them and said 'What do you want?” Anderson said. “They said they needed gasoline, and listening to their conversation, how they were nervous, talking over each other, that I knew they were probably lying.”

Anderson played it cool, saying she wanted the men as far away from her as possible.

“My instincts basically kicked in, and agreed, made a compromise that I would give them gasoline, but they had to meet me at the end of the road,” Anderson added.

They agreed, and went to the end of the road.

“In the meantime, I called the police, which was Lafayette County Sheriff`s Department, and asked them to please come and said I`m by myself I need somebody else here,” Anderson said.

Police arrived minutes later.

“I did go ahead and take gasoline back down to them, and they attempted to put gasoline in their car. Lafayette County showed up, and I was like, 'Sorry guys, I called them, I'm outta here,'” Anderson said.

According to the Lafayette County Sheriff's office, they found two men in an older gray/blue Buick at the end of the drive near the outer road. One of the men pulled a gun and a deputy fired, killing the gunman.

Investigators said the other man surrendered to the deputy and is being held in the Lafayette County jail.

At this point, deputies haven't said why one of the men pulled a gun on officers.

Anderson said she wanted to bring awareness to everyone, because it could happen to anybody and you just never know someone's intentions.

She said she can't thank the first responders enough.

The incident is under investigation. The other man has not been formally charged at this time.



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