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A new international survey of more than 5,000 men and women reveals that if you speak more than one language, you’re more attractive to the opposite sex — and considered more intelligent.

But there’s a catch. Only certain languages have that ooh-la-la effect.

According to the survey, the No. 1 sexiest language is French, followed by Italian and Spanish. English speakers can revel in fourth place. The language that ranked dead last was Korean.

The survey, commissioned by Rocket Languages, an online language learning company, found that 79 percent of people think a bilingual tongue is more attractive; 77 percent considered a person to be more intelligent. At least one woman in Kansas City agrees.

“I’m pretty curious about other languages and other cultures,” Kaleena James said. “If I ran into a guy who spoke a different language, I think he’d peak my interest.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Rocket Languages offered the top three pick-up lines you can practice the next time you’re out on the prowl.

1.) “Where have you been all my life?” or in French “Où as-tu été toute ma vie?”
2.) “Can I get you a drink?” or in Italian “Ti posso offrire da bere?”
3.) “I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”  Or in Spanish “¿Perdí mi número de teléfono, me podrías dar el tuyo?”

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