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Without the internet, we wouldn’t have planking or owling or Tebowing. The latest, “Is that really a thing?” internet moment for you comes in the form of a cat, wearing a slice of bread.  Ladies and gentlemen, we give you “breading.”

Breading involves taking a slice of bread (Gawker says experienced users employ rye or multi-grain bread), cuting a hole in the center of the bread and sticking it on your cat’s head.  Kinda like a cut-out at the fair.

The burgeoning trend already has a Facebook page and a write-up from the Herald-Sun in Australia.  Gawker thinks the trend is already “so yesterday,” though, saying recent media coverage has dimmed the allure of a picture of a cat with a slice of bread on its head.

We disagree!  Breading lives on!  Share your breading pictures here.