Camel escapes, bites and stomps on a man before animal control captures it

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ACTON, Calif. — A man is recovering from injuries he suffered trying to corral a camel on Friday. Affiliate KTLA reports that the man was bit, knocked to the ground and stomped, requiring stitches to close a head wound.

The camel’s owner does not have an exotic-animal permit, and apparently doesn’t have suitable means to keep it from roaming. The camel was discovered on Friday morning walking on a road near a highway according to a Los Angeles County Fire Department inspector. Animal control was able to capture the camel by luring it into a trailer with a large bowl of food.

Before that KTLA reports the victim’s daughter said her father tried to corner the camel, but was pursued after he had been knocked to the ground.

“He crawled under something and then the camel tried to pull him out from under it,” Skylar Dossenbach told KTLA.

Animal control is holding the camel in a large pen where authorities will keep it for evidentiary purposes until the owner is found. Charges will be sought against the owner.

“It’s a little different than a horse, or any other livestock due to it being an exotic animal. They would be required to have a permit. Once we find the owner, we will be filing charges,” Sgt. Chris Cirar told KTLA.



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