Chicago cab drivers sell humorous calendar to fund lawsuit


Courtesy: WGN

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CHICAGO — They’re taking on an entire city, and to help raise funds, they’re taking something of a humorous and self-deprecating way to go about it. The Chicago Cabbie Calendar features a lighter, more risqué view of some of the cab drivers that shuttle people around ‘The Second City.’

The calendar proceeds are directed to a legal trust account named ‘Cab Drivers for Justice.’ A judgment in a federal lawsuit against the city of Chicago will determine whether the cab drivers are self-employed or employed by the city.

Drivers would be entitled to Illinois’ minimum wage if a judge rules that they work for the city according to WGN. The website ‘Cab Drivers for Justice’ states the legal action is in light of exploitation carried out by the city and its government where drivers face high overhead expenses and are subject to unreasonably high fines for traffic violations.

The calendar sells for $15, the web site it is sold on mentions that the group does not have sufficient funds to pay for its case.

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