Husband uses stun gun on wife after they agreed to shocking bet


John Grant’s mugshot (Courtesy: WGN)

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MAYVILLE, Wisc. — While many Green Bay Packers’ fans may have been shocked they lost to the rival Chicago Bears at home on Monday night, one fan was literally shocked, three times. It happened after she bet her husband that the Packers would beat the Bears on the condition that the loser would get shot with a stun gun.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the woman and her husband, John Grant, were watching the Monday Night Football game at a bar called Sidelines Tap. The Bears would eventually defeat the Packers 27-20 and the couple went outside to smoke a cigarette.

While in the alley, Grant collected on his winning bet and used a stun gun on his wife, but apparently he crossed the line because she called the police. She told police that she hadn’t given consent to Grant, but the arresting officer noted in his report that cell phone video showed her laughing and appeared to contradict that statement.

Despite the apparent consent, Grant was still arrested and charged for felony possession of an electric weapon, which carries a six-year jail sentence if he’s convicted. The Mayville police chief commented that this incident takes two longstanding rivalries to new heights.

“It takes not only the Packer and Bear rivalry to a new level, it takes the spousal rivalry (to a new level),” Mayville Police Chief Chistopher MacNiell told the Chicago Tribune.

Grant is set to appear in court for the felony weapons charge on December 12, no reports indicate whether the wife sustained any injuries.



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