Lady Gaga Vomits on Stage, Not Once, But Four Times During Concert


Lady Gaga pukes on stage during concert in Barcelona.

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Ever the performer, Lady Gaga kept in step with the music as she vomited on stage — not once — but four times during a concert in Barcelona, Spain. She even managed to hurl to the beat of the music, making up her on impromptu dance moves to coincide with her body’s need to purge. Another dancer tried to hide her from view by stepping in front of her, but you can clearly see Gaga gagging over the railing, spewing vomit from her mouth.

It’s not the first time the pop performer has puked on stage during a concert. According to the Daily Mail, Gaga became ill on stage during a concert in Romania. The concert was briefly halted. When Gaga returned she said, “I went backstage and vomited, and I did not want you to see this. It happens to me sometimes.”

After her concert in Barcelona, Gaga poked fun at her barfing incident. She tweeted, “SPAIN, you took the p*** outta me. Thats some hard bodied pop stuff. I’ll never forget tonight Barcelona. FOREVER’ (sic).

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