Mr. Yummy Vs. Mr. Whippy in Ice Cream Fight

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BLACKBURN, UK — It’s a battle that has been brewing between  “Mr. Yummy” and “Mr. Whippy” for months, and now the fight between the two rival British ice cream vendors has become a tire iron-swinging, fender smashing cold war.

Last week, residents on a Blackburn street were startled to see Zeheer “Mr. Yummy” Ramzan arguing with Mohammed “Mr. Whippy” Mulla over a territorial dispute between the two ice cream truck drivers.

In a video now on YouTube, Mr. Yummy is seen breaking Mr. Whippy’s window with a tire iron. Mr. Whippy responded by ramming his ice cream truck into Mr. Yummy’s ice cream truck.

According to a report in the Lancashire Telegraph, Mr. Whippy says that Mr. Yummy has been “muscling in on my patch” for several months.

“I have tried to be reasonable and come up with a compromise but Mr. Whippy is having none of it,” said Mr. Yummy in the Telegraph. “Surely the town is big enough for us both.”

Blackburn officials say that they are investigating.

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