Survey: People Would Rather Clean Shower Drains Than Lose Facebook

Offbeat / Harris Interactive

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LOS ANGELES — Do you know what FOMO is?  Nope, it is not a new government program. It is Fear of Missing Out, and according to one survey, it is the reason why lots of people would rather do lots of strange things before they would give up their social networking access.

According to a survery commissioned by, nearly 40 percent of people surveyed would rather do any of the following, than give up their Facebook or Twitter fix: wait in line at the DMV, read War & Peace, do their taxes, give up an hour of sleep each night for a year or run a marathon.

If you think those tasks aren’t so bad — the list continues! Those same folks would also rather sit in traffic for four hours while listening to polka music, get a root canal, spend a night in jail or clean the drains in the showers at the local gym. If nothing else, it’d make for an interesting status update! And if you can believe it, some folks would even rather give up their air conditioner/heater.

The survey also says that your relationship status plays a part in how much social media you consume. The survey said 62 percent of online adults will stay focused on their social media feeds because of that tricky FOMO. If your relationship status says single, then you’ll find the number jump to 72 percent.



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