Troopers: Dog Runs Over, Kills Man with Van

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CANTONMENT, Fla. — Investigators say that a dog appears to be to blame in the death of a Florida man in a bizarre accident in the man’s driveway.

According to the Associated Press, Iris Fortner, 56, and James Campbell, 68, were trying to back into their driveway on Monday when Campbell got out of the passenger side of their 1995 Chevy van to open the gates.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers say that when Fortner opened the driver’s door to get a better look at where Campbell was standing, Fortner’s large Boxer Bulldog suddenly jumped in the van through the passenger door and stepped on the accelerator, sending the van hurtling back into Campbell.

Authorities pronounced Campbell dead at the scene, while Fortner also suffered some minor injuries in the incident.

The incident is still under investigation.



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