Video: Dad takes photo of son everyday for four years

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For four years a father took a picture of his growing son, Ray, every single day. Then turned it into a mesmerizing two-and-a-half minute time-lapse video and posted it to YouTube, where it has since gone viral.

Dumo, who posted the video, wrote this in the video’s description:

This is my Picture Every Day Project for my son Ray. He’s the sweetest kid, love him so much. He still thinks it’s completely normal that I take his picture every day, doesn’t even question it, ha. There will possibly be a day when he figures out that doing this isn’t the law of every household.

I have a project of my own, going on for 8 years, Ray’s going to overtake me on views because he’s way cuter and can pull off bad hairdos better than me. His little sister’s video is on its way.”

So far the video has been seen over a million and a half times.

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