Why this abused donkey has to wear pants

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A donkey in Israel is sporting a pair of custom-made britches these days. It might be a peculiar sight, but those pants are helping him heal from wounds he sustained while being tied up with barbed wire.

Haim the donkey was rescued from a home where he was abused. According to TimesOfIsrael.com, his owner bound his legs with barbed wire, causing his fur to rub off. Flies would then bite his bare skin, which eventually left sores that became infected and attracted more flies.

Haim was eventually taken to Ramat Gat, the largest animal sanctuary in the Middle East. Two of his new caretakers, Becca Rivkin and Shira Inbar-Danin, came up with the idea of fashioning a pair of pants to protect his legs. The pants are held in place by a pair of suspenders that lay over his shoulders. The interior of the pants are soft while the exterior is too tough for flies to bite through. With the help of the pants and medicine applied daily, Haim is well on his way to recovery.

The Times of Israel reports that soon Haim the donkey will be able to trot around naked once again after his wounds are completely healed.




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