Officer made traffic stop, then directed woman to gas station before she went missing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The search continues for 20-year-old Toni Anderson.

Police now say Anderson vanished after a North Kansas City police officer pulled her car over.

No one has seen Anderson since early Sunday morning near 9-Highway and 20th Avenue after an officer let her go with a warning.

FOX 4’s Robert Townsend joins us live from that area with the latest on this investigation.

Investigators said a QuikTrip is where a North Kansas City police officer last saw Toni Anderson.

The UMKC student has been missing for three days and right now officers and detectives just want to find her.

“We’re talking to friends trying to find out exactly why she was in that area,” said Darin Snapp with the Kansas City Police Department.

Investigators said shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday morning, Toni left work at the Chrome entertainment bar on 40-Highway, but a short time later police said a North Kansas City police officer stopped Anderson’s black, 2014 Ford Focus as she drove down 9-Highway.

She was supposed to meet some friends in downtown Kansas City.

“Improper lane change is what she was stopped for. She stated to the officer that she was almost out of gas. There’s a QuikTrip real close,” Snapp said.

Snapp said the officer then directed Toni to that gas station.

“So the officer just told her, you know, ‘there’s a gas station right there,’ gave her a warning for the violation, and watched her actually go to the QuikTrip and that’s the last we have seen of her,” Snapp explained.

Brian Anderson, Toni’s father, didn’t want to talk on camera today, but he told FOX 4 that detectives told him there were two attempts to use Toni’s ATM card at that gas station.

Brian said police aren’t sure if that means Toni tried to use her card outside or not.

Brian also said detectives received information from Toni’s insurance company, which shows the GPS system on her car tracked Toni’s car to the North Kansas City gas station.

Toni’s dad said right now the device is no longer working, and police aren’t sure if it malfunctioned or if someone removed it.

Right now, Brian is on edge waiting for any new bit of information.

“We’re holding out hope in every new bit of information that comes in just helps us that much closer to finding out where Toni is.”

Anderson’s boyfriend, Pete Sanchez said he spent Wednesday answering questions from police officers, and speaking to CNN about his missing girlfriend.

Police said they attempted to ping Toni’s cell phone, but so far haven’t been able to locate it.

Toni’s parents said today they are working with two private investigators.

Police are searching for Toni Anderson, 20, and her 2014 black Ford Focus.
Police are searching for Toni Anderson, 20, and her 2014 black Ford Focus.

If you see Toni Anderson, or her 2014 black Ford Focus, with Kansas license plates 989 GAX, please call police immediately.



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