Officer rescues deer, walks her off road like a dog

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City police officer is seen on video coming to the aid of a confused and exhausted deer Sunday morning at 87th Street and 71 Highway.

"I've never encountered anything quite like that," said Sgt. Steven Sandusky.

It started around 8 a.m. Sunday morning. An officer was patrolling the area near 87th St., just off of 71 Highway.  He turned the corner and saw a deer ramming herself into the concrete barrier as if to break through or jump over.  She tried a couple of times, her hooves slipped on the wet concrete.  When she got back up, she even attempted a running start.  But eventually, the deer just stopped.

The officer called Sandusky.

"He called me over actually under the pretense I was going to have to shoot this injured deer," Sandusky said.

When Sandusky got to the scene, he said he noticed the deer's demeanor right away.

"Her whole body was shaking.  It looked like she was having convulsions, her body was shaking back and forth and it looked like something was really wrong with her," Sandusky said.

The deer got her leg stuck in a drainage hole, so they got her loose.

"He lifted her leg out and she got up and she head-butted the concrete barrier one more time and then she stopped.  She was just drained.  She was just totally spent," Sandusky said.

Then, like a scene from a movie, a man and a wild animal walk side by side.  Sandusky uses his baton to guide the exhausted deer out of the dash cam view.

"She just stood next to me and I walked over to her and I said, 'Okay let's go.' And I walked her like she was my dog," said Sgt. Sandusky.

"We went past the police car and probably another 20 yards and there was a grassy field so I just told her to go," he said.

Sandusky said the deer wobbled away into the area's wilderness, but they saw her collapse.  An officer who checked later would find her gone.

"It was intense, it was wonderful, it was a great feeling. Glad I helped her," he said.

But the ending of the story might not be what you think.  While Fox 4 was at the scene, we noticed the carcass of a dead deer nearby.  There are deer in the area. We're not sure if this the the same one.

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