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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The attempted arrest of a black male with a stop order inside a Kansas City gas station led to a shooting involving an officer Thursday evening that left the suspect dead and the police officer in the hospital. 

The suspect who shot the police officer was killed by the same police officer inside the BP gas station at East 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue. The officer was then rushed to Research Medical Center. 

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the shootings and said the suspect fired his weapon, then the police officer fired in self defense. But some community members who protested outside the crime scene tape during the investigation want to know more.

Four uniformed Kansas City police officers, part of a special impact unit focused on violent criminals, spotted a black man with a stop order for questioning in a shooting investigation.

“They attempted to make contact and effect an arrest inside of the gas station, a fight and struggle ensued,” MSHP Sgt. Andy Bell said.

Bell said at first it involved just two of the officers, then all four. At one point, the person they were trying to stop pulled out a gun and shot one of the officers in the leg. 

“The officer in self defense returned fire, striking the suspect. The suspect has been pronounced deceased at this time,” he said. 

Members of the Revolutionary Black Panthers were at the scene even before the Highway Patrol began its full investigation questioning the police shooting. 

“They absolutely are not doing what is called to protect the citizens. No matter how it occurred there are other ways to make sure that this ends peacefully without having to draw your weapon,” Anton Washington said.

Kansas City Police explained though there was no warrant for the arrest of the person who ended up being killed by police, there was probable cause. 

 “Those kind of things take place all the time in ongoing investigations with crimes. You develop probable cause that a person is involved in an ongoing investigation and then take them into custody and then it proceeds to the next step of getting a warrant,” Sgt. Jake Becchina said.

At last update Thursday night, the officer was in stable condition. Troopers said he was conscious and alert when he was transported for treatment.