Officers and firefighters in Ottawa surprise 6-year-old boy at birthday party

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OTTAWA Kan. — Jesus Martinez is a happy and spirited boy who greets everyone with a smile. On Saturday he turned 6-years-old and was planing to have a birthday party with all his friends.

Jesus sees firefighters and police officers as superheroes because of their incredible will to always help those that are most in need.

So he and his mother Elia Martinez decided to invite both the police and fire departments to Jesus’ birthday party, a week ahead of schedule. They didn’t have much hope that they would come as they were aware that both departments are incredibly busy on a day to day basis.

They received a reply which said that although they were happy to receive the invitation, they would not be able to make it. Jesus and his mother were disappointed but they understood.

But on the day of the party, Jesus received an incredible surprise that would make his sixth birthday party an unforgettable one.

A group of police officers and firefighters showed up to his party, brought him presents, ate cake and even participated in hitting the piñata!

Elia said she’s very grateful that the group of public servants came to her son’s party and that she thinks it’s great for acts like this to happen more often and strengthen community bond.

“I think it’s important for them to interact with the community like this because it shows that they are nice and friendly people. It also lets the kids be able to see a funny side of them. I think people forget that police officers and firefighters are just normal people like everyone else,” Martinez said.

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