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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A teenage girl and her little brother have some new wheels, thanks to a couple of compassionate Kansas City, Missouri police officers.

When the family reported their bike stolen, the officers took it upon themselves to buy the family a new one.

“I was like ‘oh no,’ I knew right when I went on the porch they were gone,” Bonnie Phillips, said of returning to her Agnes Drive home Tuesday and finding the bike missing.

Also stolen was a scooter that nine-year-old Malakai and 13-year-old Angel shared.

“They just wanted to take something that somebody else had because they liked it and they thought they could keep it.” Angel said.

“You know it’s a child’s scooter, you know it’s a kid’s bike. You are purposely hurting a child for what, a few dollars in scrap maybe?” her mother said.

The thieves even went so far as to smash the pumpkin the girl had been growing since the spring.

With no money to replace the bike, the single mom called police Tuesday hoping some way, somehow they’d be able to track down the stolen items which Phillips said were therapeutic for her son, who has autism, and her daughter, who suffers from anxiety disorder.

After taking the report, the officers did one better. Kansas City Police Officers James Payne and Kevin Colhoun returned to the home just a few minutes later with a new bike for the family.

“When they pulled back up I was thinking they were going to ask me more questions, I wasn’t expecting for them to have a bike in the backseat,” Bonnie Phillips said.

“Thank you for giving me a new bike and letting me have something else to play with,” Angel told the officers.

The officers promised to return to the home with pumpkin seeds when they are able to track some down, but they already have planted the seed of paying it forward. Angel says if the thieves were to return her old bike, she’d give it to a friend who doesn’t have one.