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KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  It was the parade before the parade, featuring a suspect speeding out of control with several police cars in pursuit just hours before the Chiefs victory parade.

It started in the VIP parking lot at Berkley Riverfront Park. The suspect drove through a 6-foot fence, ending up on the parade route.

“I was just like, ‘I’m just here to do crowd control for the parade. Who would’ve thought that this is actually really happening?'” asked Clay County Det. Jeremy Fahrmeier who was stationed at Second Street and Grand Boulevard.

“So I got my stop sticks, deployed my stop sticks. They were successful. I was able to flatten his driver side front rear tires.”

The car slowed just a bit but continued on its rims. Officers down the line also put down stop sticks until the driver, who police say is 42-year -old Addae Doyle, crossed the I-35 overpass.

“The car stops and actually backs up. You can see the people on the bridge a little concerned,” KCMO Police Chief Rick Smith said. “That’s our first point of contact. We try to stop the car and see the officers trying to converge on the car, and he drives right through the officers.”

Independence Police Officer J.T. Hand commandeered a KCPD cruiser and followed Doyle all the way down Grand Boulevard.

He stuck with the driver until Pershing Road where thousands of Chiefs fans were sitting ducks. KCPD Capt. Darrell Bergquist was supervising the end of the route and got in front of the suspect.

“I knew if he was able to get past me instead of slowing down, he was going to floor it, and he was not going to make that turn. I think he would’ve killed some people,” Bergquist said.

KCPD Maj. Scott Caron and his partner Tim Gaughn drove up next to Doyle, boxing him in.

“And I looked at all the people in the red, and I told Tim, I said, ‘This is done.’ I said, ‘Get ready. I’m gonna cream this guy.'”

Seeing a grassy spot at the Pershing turn, Hand did a pit maneuver to turn the suspect around while Caron hit and disabled the car before it rammed into the crowd.

“I was literally praying to God grateful, and I’m not joking,” Caron said.

The crowd, waiting to cheer on the Chiefs, began cheering on the police for stopping what could have been a disaster.

“It felt pretty good. So I want to thank the wonderful Chiefs fans that were there that applauded because it all made us feel pretty good.”

Doyle was arrested by the KCPD Tac Team. He told police the last thing he remembers is getting high. He has no recollection of the chase. Doyle has been charged with three crimes in connection to his joy ride.