Officials rescue trapped Levasy residents by boat, others evacuate as flood water rises

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LEVASY, Mo. — A breached levee in Levasy, Missouri sent water spilling into people’s homes Saturday.

“It’s like a bowl down here the water has no where to go,” homeowner Jessica Scott said.

Scott looked at the devastation from her porch. Water was halfway up her barn and three cars – one with a new transmission – were all submerged.

“It was so heart wrenching,” Scott said.

Scott almost lost one more prized possession.

“He was like at his last bob before I could get to him,” Scott said about her dog. He saw geese and dove in. She was waist high in the water rescuing him.

“It was scary,” Scott said. “I never ever in a million years thought I would be trying to fish my dog out of a field that we normally have corn in.”

Scott, her 12 pets, daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend were among the four families rescued by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Although they weren’t pets, the family saved two snakes, two moles and a rabbit. But Scott’s heart aches for the animals they couldn’t get too.

“We just don’t want anything to die. It’s horrible,” Scott said, “I can only imagine what the animals feel like that got trapped. And I’m sure there are way more that didn’t get the chance to get out.”

Others South of the railroad tracks brace for what these folks are already experiencing – tractors, cars and houses under water.

“He said you’re going to end up with 2 feet of water in your house,” Resident Gino Andolini said. “That’s an ultimatum in my book. You’ve got to go!”

Captain Mike Rogers said if they’re not able to fix the breach, roughly 100 homes will be flooded including the one Gino Andolini rents from Linda Walker.

“I love this house,” Andolini said. “It’s their investment, it’s where I live. I don’t have anywhere to go.”

They’ve been working all day moving out mattresses, furniture and expensive music equipment.

Andolini points out all the help, “His truck, everybody’s truck, my truck, that truck, four trucks.”

“You just pick up the pieces and go on,” Walker said.

While Walker and Andolini pack up, Scott sits puzzled preparing for the hardships ahead.

“We’re just not even over the worst of it yet and that’s the really sucky part,” Scott said. “Clean up is going to be outrageous.”



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