Officials say road rage incidents like one over weekend happen often in KC metro

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Lee’s Summit Police are investigating another possible road rage shooting from over the weekend.

The victims — a pregnant woman and her family — say a man shot at their truck after he cut them just off Interstate 470 on Douglas Road near the Colburn Road exit.

Missouri State Highway Patrol said they see aggressive drivers often and get daily calls about “careless and imprudent driving.” That can be anything from speeding to following too close behind another car to cutting people off.

Ethan Davis shared his experience from over the weekend.

“The car literally pushed me off the road, so I honked my horn telling him hey, I’m right there,”  Davis said. “He started acting crazy a little bit.”

Davis said the man started shooting at his truck, leaving bullet holes in the window.

Lee’s Summit police say they’re investigating it as a possible road rage incident, and it’s not the first in Lee’s Summit.

A few weeks ago, 23-year-old Cody Harter was stabbed to death on Highway 291 in Lee’s Summit after what police also said was a road rage incident.

Sgt. Collin Stosberg with the Missouri State Highway Patrol said in the past year, they’ve gotten 60 calls about drivers pulling out weapons in the Kansas City area alone.

Earlier today, troopers arrested a man for that very act. Stosberg said a driver cut a woman off. She gave an obscene gesture, and he whipped out his gun.

“Troopers were in a position to stop that vehicle,” Stosberg said. “That person was a career criminal. He was not someone you want to interact with.”

Turns out, that aggressive driver had several warrants out for his arrest. They found several weapons in his car.

Stosberg wants drivers to be careful on the road because you never know who you might encounter.

“Tempers are short. everyone is in a hurry, their precious time is so valuable,” Stosberg said. “But it’s really not worth it.”

Lee’s Summit Police say they don’t have any updates on the possible road rage shooting from over the weekend.

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